On the 27th of September, it was held the Kick-off meeting of the European Project (TowaRd market-based skills for sustAINable Energy Efficient construction), in Skopje, Macedonia.  Around 120 participants attended the event most of them representing companies from the AEC Sector as well as the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Ministry of Education and Science and the academic sector of the country of Macedonia.

TRAINEE’s object is to increase the number of the qualified professionals of Macedonia’s construction sector and implement measurements of energy efficiency in the phase of operation and maintenance of a building. The goal is to achieve a significant reduction of the energy bills of the buildings through the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodologies.

A great part of the session was dedicated to the demonstration of the actual state of BIM and the BIM tendencies in the European Union countries. Fundamental was the participation of Professor Tomo Cerovsek, (Vice-president of the Civil Engineering department of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Doctor Tomáš Funtík (Vicepresident de la the BIM Association of Slovakia) both consulters of the TRAINEE program, as well as Mr. Vangelis Rosios, Civil Engineer from BIM Academy, partner of the program. BIM Academy contributes with its experience on the BIM implementation processes, on the creation of a roadmap for the BIM adoption in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The next and final day of the meetings took place the session of the TRAINEE’s working committee group where the strategies for the first BIM training programs where set, as well as a draft of the national BIM roadmap for the country of Macedonia.