BIM Academy: European BIM Summit creator

A summit is an opportunity for sharing knowledge and gathering together the experiences of those who work towards the same goals. BIM is a breakthrough methodology in Spain, and an event such as this represents a chance to spread the word and connect with AECO industry professionals.

BIM Academy has created a partnership with Technical Architects and Building Engineers College of Barcelona (CAATEEB) to hold the first European Summit, now a world renowned conference with attendees from all over the world.

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The BIMCAT Manifest

The BIMCAT manifesto is one of the principal achievements of the European BIM Summit, where local and regional institutions committed to establishing a BIM committee and agree on a BIM mandate.
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esBIM is an open group for everyone related to BIM whose central mission is to implement BIM in Spain, formed just after the manifesto of was published. By creating these manifestos, we have created a foundation for institutions supported by the government who recognise the efficiency of BIM.