We manage your BIM

We help to incorporate BIM into any organisation according to its specific requirements, objectives and resources. In order to integrate the programme gradually, we use BIM SoftLanding.
The BEP sets the strategy on how to use BIM for a particular project. It serves to define the tasks and responsibilities of different roles during the process.
We use the best available BIM software and platform to provide the most appropriate modelling solution for any project.
We provide a comprehensive communication experience with the help of one of the newest technologies in virtual reality.
We offer all the functions required for you to manage the user database, the data (geospatial and non-geospatial) and the processes related to urban infrastructure. We also provide an effective way to design a sustainable infrastructure using GIS (Geospatial Information System) in 3D.
At Crea.HOUSE, design and function go hand in hand. We’ll design your house for your specific needs and personalise it in terms of size and cost.

BIM allows any organisation, public agency or director to efficiently manage their project, reduce risk and optimise timing, execution and investment.

We support you throughout the incorporation process. Our knowledge of the many possibilities of BIM will help you find the best solution for the project budget.

We help you to both identify and select new technologies or programmes that will allow you integrate BIM into your company in the best possible way.

  • We take responsibility for developing, implementing and applying BIM regulations.
  • Creation and maintenance of the software template files to ensure standards of operation.
  • We support you in the development and implementation of both the documentation process regulations and of the BIM workflow.
  • We prepare technological evaluations for the future use of technology aligned with the objectives of the company.
  • Creation of an implementation plan. Who are the team members? What is the project? What are the objectives?
  • We link you to software development support staff and other channels of support.
  • We provide both Basic and Intermediate training on BIM for your team.