Ignasi Pérez Arnal

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Massimo Rubino

Executive Director


Evangelos Rosios

Project Manager


Sònia Martí



Mission, Vision and Values


BIM Academy is the solution that optimizes the planning, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of real estate assets.


Any company, public institution or owner that manages real estate assets can benefit from BIM.


We are committed to BIM and we have been explaining this methodology in classrooms since 2012. This turns us into BIM ground-breaking leaders.


During the 2015 we’ve trained more than 2.000 students. We accumulate, in total, more than a 1.000 hours of teaching.


We train all profiles: architects, building contractors, civil engineers, designers, builders, owners, promoters and public administrations.


One of our priorities is to publicize BIM. For this reason, we ensure to spread the word amongs the AECO industry agents.

Why will you (and your boss) be happy if bet on BIM?

Because the month of January, 2014, the European Parliament voted to modernize the rules of public procurement and recommended the use of electronic tools such as BIM design contests and tenders for public works. That implies that the administrations of the 28 Member States of the EU have to do the procurement with digital systems such as BIM before the end of the year 2018.

To be efficient, projects and works have to meet deadlines and times programmed during the planning phase. BIM is a tool that helps to accomplish the arranged calendar, a fact that also minimizes risks. Therefore, allows any promotor to save on material and personnel costs.

BIM is part of

buildingSMARTBIM Academy is partner in training and research of buildingSMART Spanish Chapter, the Spanish Association representing buildingSMART International in Spain. BuildingSmart International ibuildingSMART is the worldwide authority driving transformation of the built environment through creation & adoption of open, international standards.

itec146BIM Academy belongs to the Commission We build the future of the Institute of Technology of the Construction of Catalonia, ITeC. It is a commission that aims to discuss the future of the construction sector. Also analyses the use of BIM and the IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) technologies, among other issues.

logogeobimBIM Academy is a strategic partner of GeoBIM, the top worlwide event which studies the relationship between GIS and BIM. Is held annually in Amsterdam and hosts speakers and attendees from all countries.

esBIMlogoBIM Academy runs two working groups in esBIM. The Organization esBIM is in charge of handling the national BIM strategy and is promoted by the Ministry of development of the Government of Spain.

bimvet_logoBIM Academy has been invited to be member of the BIM4VET expert committee. To ensure the recognition and validation of the project results at a European level.

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